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We are happy to report that the students are having a great time in Pakenham right now.  Conditions are perfect and the students and staff are having a lot of fun.

Here at the school, we continue to keep a close eye on the Weather and the Freezing Rain advisory that is in effect for this area.  At this point, with the freezing rain reportedly starting around noon in several different areas, including the areas in which the bus travels through on its way home, and I have asked that the buses load even earlier than the 2:30pm departure time.

I have spoken with Mike Clark and Wendy Modler and asked that all students meet at the bus at 1:30pm for departure.   The safety of our students, staff and parents is our top priority so we are appreciative of everyone’s support and flexibility with this.

We are also hoping that with the buses arriving back to the school at an earlier time, parents will be able to pick up there child(ren) and head for home before the weather gets even worse.


Thank you again for your understanding,


Becky MacDonald



St. Joseph Catholic School


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